Chanterelle late season flush?

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    I would only like to interject that the native bands of canada and the usa have a wealth of knowlege pertaining to sustainable cultivation that in conjunction with modern technology and scientific research and understanding of ecosystems we are able to make better practices of mushroom cultivation.

    This is not a forum topic about native american or canadian culture as pertaining to the asymilation of many small cultures into the ever pressing modern world of caucasians. I would lreally appreciate if this could now begin to flow back to mushrooms.

    I can completely agree with you that this year was horrible. the hot dry dry weather has made the boletus season here skip a year, the chanties were exploding in my patches these past weeks. The lobsters and the polypores had a great year as far as I can read, but even the matsutake season was hurting very badly and even still people are holding on to hope that there will be something sprout after some frost.

    try in the mountain sides near mission, rolley lake, davis lake, allouette lake, hayward dump, stave lake road. you WILL find chanterelles if you are quick.
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    just correcting misinformation.... as this is how we all learn...
    it was a terrible year here on the southern west coast for chanterelle, with such a late season do to high temps and no rain for 100 days, we only just began to see them this month instead of back in late aug in the higher elevations, and sept in lower.
    we have been trying to get them to grow on our hilll/mountain here on salt spring, after getting the mycilium to grow indoors, and relocating to the hills along the north end of st marys lake. so far, no shrooms, but we have been able to get pines to grow in the area again. after three years of trial and error do to so much mis-information, the pines are once again in abundance.
    my husband and I have spores for edible mushrooms from around the world, as hes an admin. for the shroomery, if anyone who grows indoors would like to trade, pm me. we barter for everything,flower seeds, cactus seeds even a few painting,lol.
    ( sorry to have taken over the thread,)

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