Cedar Tip moth question

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    I have recently been told by an arborist that our Cedars have tip moth. I called him because the tips of some older growth were started to die on some branches.

    Based on the attached photos, does this seem correct? Or do the photos point to some other problem? Lack of water or something else? I have no reason to doubt him, but I have in the past found other contractors willing to have me pay them for a lot of unnecessary work.

    If it is tip moth, what are my options other than spraying? Can I get rid of them?

    Are these little bugs able to kill the trees?

    Part of my problem with spraying (not to mention I don't like pesticides, which would probably kill a lot of good bugs too), is that my cedars are part of a row that include neighbouring cedars on either side of us -- unless my neighbours also spray theirs, I would assume the bugs will just come back to my trees, right?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I want to minimize the damage (which I see more of each day) and make sure I do what is necessary to keep these trees healthy.


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