Cedar hedge planted last November dying.

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    Hi, I planted a cedar hedge of about 30 trees last fall. They are not looking so hot this spring and keep looking worse. I mounded fish compost around them and put down 23-3-23 slow release. (All I had).
    All I can think of is that there was about 3.5 feet of snow around them, i brushed them off but they were buried in it. They were in it for about 2 weeks and the dying parts look like where the snow was. Is it possible the snow did that damage? It was also exceptionally cold, -14 or so for a couple weeks..
    I've foliar fed them with a micro nutrient spray that doesn't look like it did anything.
    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Oh, and the branches that are sagged down just started doing that about a month ago, well after the snowfall.. More keep drooping as time goes on.

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    What are the chances that the snow had road salt in it?
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    That's overkill, both for the trees, and for the fish involved. At the most, a light sprinkling of organic fertiliser like composted leaves is OK, but not big piles of dead fish. That'll do far more damage than good. Conifers in general are adapted to low fertility soils in nature, and they do best with none added.

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