Caring for a Peach Seedling

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    My husband has grown a little peach tree sapling from seed.

    It has grown 3 or 4 feet in its pot and looks pretty healthy. However, we know nothing about tree care....and are very green gardeners!!! I have a few questions and hope some of you can help!

    It has lots of branches and we are wondering how and when to prune it? (There are 9 branches that are growing about 2 feet out).

    Also it looks like there is something eating the leaves (lots of round holes in some of the leaves). What can we use or do to prevent this?

    Also....what should we use to fertilize or feed the tree?

    Looking forward to some help!!! Thank you!

    I have attatched a pic pf the tree...and a pic of the holes in the leaves. (if it works)

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