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    As some of you may have noticed Washington State has (sort of -My words) legalized cannabis use. Being a Master Gardener and getting questions from all sorts of people I figured I'd better get current status / info from my bosses.

    Baldree, Tommy Randel []
    Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 1:36 PM
    To: All Extension Faculty and Staff
    Subject: [allext] Extension Questions on Cannabis

    To All Extension Personnel:

    Although I-502 has passed making marijuana use and possession legal under certain circumstances in Washington; federal law still considers the growing and possession of marijuana illegal. This means that our personnel must refrain from being in possession of the plant for diagnostic purposes, and shall avoid consulting visits to grow sites and other educational efforts that directly support the cultivation and management of cannabis. The policy stated below remains in effect as long as the possession and cultivation of cannabis remains a violation of federal law. Failure to adhere to federal law could place our federal formula funds for Extension at risk, as well as exposing our personnel to federal prosecution. The policy below shall remain in effect for the future, and any change in this policy will come directly from the Dean Bernardo or Association Dean Koenig.

    The current WSU Extension policy on cannabis is as follows:
    WSU Extension personnel shall not provide diagnostic services or advice / information on the cultivation of cannabis. Until there is reconciliation of both federal and state law on the legality of this crop, we will not engage in any Extension or Outreach activity to support the cultivation or management of this crop. This applies to any cannabis grower, whether licensed for medical marijuana or not.
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    For background on why Cannabis was made illegal, please Search: " Duponte, Hearst, Anslinger"

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