Candy Caps in New Mexico?

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    I have found some specimin growing in rotting wood which I have dried. They have a wonderful maple/ butterscotch aroma and resemble the pictures of the lactarius rubidus. However, I never see New Mexico mentioned with the entries in handbooks or on websites. Has anyone found these candy caps in New Mexico?
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    I find no mention of L. rubudis in my books (a link here though:

    There is mention of a L. rubrilacteus in "Mushrooms of Colorado". I don't know if this is the same species.

    I would pay more attention to the characteristics of your specimen and its micro-environment than to a book's description of a species' range. In particular, it depends on where you found it in New Mexico. There is a world of difference between a ponderosa forest in the Gila and a spruce forest in the Sangre de Christos.

    Can you post photos of your specimen?
    Can you describe where you found it?

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