Can you suggest a Hoya?

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Chester, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Hi there:

    I have an opportunity to join a community order for hoyas. I don't have much of a collection yet, but am interested in the smaller-scale hoyas. Can anyone recommend a hoya that has a decorative leaf (other than curtisii)? I would like to ask that it also be an easy or reliable bloomer but am wondering if that is too much to ask from one plant. I've been spoiled by my lacunosa as it has bloomed nonstop since I acquired it 10 months ago. It has a rather plain leaf (as opposed to that beautiful but darned tempermental curtisii), and I was hoping to move to something that is interesting even if not in bloom. I also have a bella, and DS-70 if those were coming to mind. Any suggestions would be much appreciated...
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    I like the larger leaf hoyas myself. I do have a very small green bella Here's a few you might like. Not sure on all how easy they will flower though.

    Variegated form???
    Hoya serpens- Green leaves
    H. cumingiana- Green leaves

    Flecked leaf H. Sigillatis
    H. nummularioides- fuzzy leaves, easy bloomer.
    Variegated H. bella
    Variegated form, H. compacta
    Variegated form, H. Lacunosa, easy bloomer

    You might even like some of the Dischidia's, hoya's cousin, some with small interesting leaves.

    Here's some pictures of many different hoyas you can look into if your interested in any of them.

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