Identification: Can these all be A. 'Sango-kaku'?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by wcutler, Oct 20, 2019.

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    I think these potted plants at a café in the West End are Acer 'Sango-kaku'. Except in one of the pots, there is a trunk that is not as red, and the leaf colour is entirely different - green/red instead of yellow. But all the other details look the same to me, leaf size and margins, red stem colour. So I think they are really the same. Can it be?
    AcerSango-kaku_RedUmbrella-DavieBidwell_Cutler_20191019_153002.jpg AcerSango-kaku_RedUmbrella-DavieBidwell_Cutler_20191019_153137.jpg AcerSango-kaku_RedUmbrella-DavieBidwell_Cutler_20191019_153228.jpg AcerSango-kaku_RedUmbrella-DavieBidwell_Cutler_20191019_153258.jpg

    Then here is a planting of five older trees that look the same, but the branches are not red. Leaf petioles are red, leaf size and shape looks the same to me as the previous ones. Also 'Sango-kaku'?
    AcerSango-kaku_1414Barclay_Cutler_20191019_150015.jpg AcerSango-kaku_1414Barclay_Cutler_20191019_150203.jpg
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    The nonconformist is angling away from the base of a 'Sango-kaku' as though it is a rootstock sprout.
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