Can I Save This Barrel Cactus???

Discussion in 'Cacti and Succulents' started by Amputech, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Hey everybody! I believe my buddy is in need of some medical attention.
    I watered too often, The soil was bad for drainage, the bottom is yellow/brown and it has become mushy under the skin. I care about this lil one tremendously and would appreciate the advice......
    (If it's not too late)
    Thank you.

    IMG_20170218_045243.jpg IMG_20170218_045217.jpg IMG_20170218_045025.jpg

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    It is hard to say if it is sick or not, cacti normally do have brown skin at the base and become wrinkled in winter. There is nothing obviously wrong with the roots either. It does look pale around the lower areoles, and if it is softer around the base than higher up it is a bad sign. If it is rotting there is nothing you can do to save it, so I would just keep it like in the pictures, without a pot, for a week or so and see if it gets worse.

    It should not need water at all in winter ...

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