Camellia transnokoensis made it through the winter

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    I just had to share this. I have a Camellia transnokoensis that I bought at the UBC garden shop ten years ago, just as we moved into our current house. It seemed to like the east-facing location we chose for it, against the house and next to the walk, and rewarded us by growing to 12' and flowering profusely every February.

    Well, you know what the winter was like. We tried to cover it, but anyone who's seen this shrub/tree knows that it wouldn't work very well (the branches are somewhat weeping, and how would we find something insulating to cover a 12' tree anyway?). So we bubblewrapped the main trunks as far up as 4' and hoped. It lost every leaf. It broke my heart.

    This spring I visited the garden, and was heartened to see that their C. transnokoensis was looking similarly bedraggled -- although it did have some leaves. The master gardeners suggested I leave mine in place until at least June. Nobody knew if it would bud from hard wood.

    Well, I'm here to tell you it does. It's covered in new sprouts! I even have tiny leaves! The buds are at least as far up each trunk as the bubblewrap had been, and possibly higher. I'm not pruning out the tops until I see how high the buds go -- there are still more coming every day.

    I am sooooo relieved. I love this plant. Now crossing fingers for an easier winter this year, because another one like we had might finish it. Although if the buds don't go up very far I can probably cover it this year!

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