Cacti in Montana

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    Hello, I am from Montana, I found you're sight by being logged on to the Arizon I ask for a specific question. The University sight showed up and I in turn registered and here i am talking to you. In asking the question,about a cactus called Queen of the Night. Your University came up with someone asking for seeds from the cactus Queen of thNight.. If you have any info on this or other cactus that can be raised in our area please let me know. Thank you very much Sunshinerider
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    You may find this thread regarding queen of the night cactus (Selenicereus grandiflorus) informative.

    If when you say "cactus that can be raised in Montana" you mean outside in Montana, I'm afraid the queen of the night and its relatives are out of the question. There are cacti that are hardy out of doors in Montana, but they are generally ground-hugging species such as opuntias (prickly pears). Many more cacti can be grown under bright conditions indoors, and the rainforest types, such as queen of the night, are easy.

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