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    Hi, I am new to this site so bare with me. I would like to try to propigate new plants from the dropped leaves of the Burrows Tail. Can't seem to get them going. I see new starts budding then they shrivel up. I am using water and perlite. Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have found it best to let the end that has been seperated from the main plant to scab over for a couple of days, and then to just stick it in soil/perlite mix and let it root. I don't water my cuttings for at least a week, sometimes 2, after they've been planted. HTH.
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    yes, most succulents need a scabbing-over period before you put the cut end (or the leaf end) into soil.

    depending on variety, it may take months for roots to start. others start rooting within a week. sorry, i don't know which one applies to the burrows tail.
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    You where given some good advice!
    Maybe the perlite was staying too wet, or dried out for too long???

    Here's what I do when I propagate a burro's tail "Sedum morganianum" like the one I did below.

    I like to use a small 2.5" size. 1 part good houseplant soil, or cactus soil and one part perlite mixed together and poured into pot. Cut several 5"-7" sections, enough to practically fill the pot (maybe 5) for an almost instant new small plant. Let the cut ends dry to be safe for a day or two,
    Take off a few of the bottom leaves making sure there is enough bare stem to go down into the soil far enough that they don't fall out of the pot.

    Water it in lightly until you see a few drops come out the bottom drainage holes and then place it where it will get some direct sunlight.
    In should start to root in a week or two. Let the soil dry out between waterings.

    In no time you should have a whole new plant!

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