Identification: Buellia sp Chicago

Discussion in 'Fungi, Lichens and Slime Molds' started by traceycat, Jul 23, 2006.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am just starting a PhD in Hamilton, New Zealand and am travelling to Chicago to do some molecular lab techniques training in september this year. I am wanting to know if anyone can tell me if there are Buellia sp. in that area that I can collect and extract DNA from (just looking at DNA not changing it!). I am also looking for umbillicaria sp. but they are mostly alpine, so am not too hopeful of finding them! If there is anyone out there that can help that would be great, Tracey
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    Having a look through Lichens of North America, it seems like Buellia stillingiana, Buellia curtisii and Umbilicaria mammulata can all be found within the area (and if you manage to get into northern Wisconsin, you're looking at a few more).

    You might want to consider contacting the Illinois Natural History Survey: Dave Ketzner looks like a good lead re: lichens.

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