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  1. Thanks to much needed rain the last two days, our butterfly bushes have flowered. While we were eating lunch on the backyard pad, my wife pointed to a visitor. There swooping overhead was our first butterfly of the season. It is always fun to entertain guests at meal times.

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    Second and last image (right) are lovely,

    I love the Budlia colour and the flutterbye is awesome too.

  3. The last two days of July brought out an increase in butterfly activity in our gardens. Sitting on the front porch these lepidopterans provided hours of entertainment as they winged from one butterfly bush to another.

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    Very nice - do you know the name of the butterflies in the first photograph?
  5. Dan - Believe the pair are Eastern Tiger Swallowtails. Also shown up close in the second photograph.
  6. August visitors to butterfly bush.

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