British Columbia: Bryology Workshop - Vancouver Island - Sept 28 2019

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    Bryology Workshop
    Bryology Workshop |
    Strathcona Wilderness Institute is hosting a one-day bryology workshop on Saturday September 28 at the Strathcona Park Wilderness Centre located at the Paradise Meadows trailhead in Strathcona Park. The SPWC is adjacent to the Raven Lodge on Mt. Washington, home of the largest Vancouver Island marmot population. For interested participants, the workshop is complemented with a one-day hike into the spectacular old –growth Divers Lake area on Sunday September 29 (8am to 6pm). The workshop consists of basic and advanced presentations on bryophyte ecology, identification and photography by some of Vancouver Island’s best-known bryologists, followed by a short field trip in Paradise Meadows on the 28th and an optional long field trip to Divers Lake on the 29th.

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