Brown Turkey Fig, Size of Fruit

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    I planted a Brown Turkey Fig Tree 3 years ago. It is now past 7 feet tall, about the same wide, absolutely beautiful. I live in West Texas and last year we had a late, hard freeze and all the leaves fell off. Later in the year it produced fruit, the size of a grape and were falling off the tree daily, none ever ripened. This year, we had a late freeze, not a hard freeze. Alot of the leave fell off, some were fine. We have had an enormous amount of rain this year, (very unusual) and a milder summer. The tree is loaded with figs, but they are very small about the size of a pecan. They are beginning to ripen. Is this the standard size of the figs or is this caused by the elements this year?

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    Sounds on the small size to me (using this fig factsheet from Texas A&M Extension as a guide).

    My advice is to call your local extension agent and find out if other folks in your area are having the same problem this year.

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