Brown spot on my palms?

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    For several weeks now I have noticed a significant increase in brown spots, withering leaves, and an overall lack of color on my palm trees. Initially, I thought perhaps it was due to some extended periods of cold weather with several frosty nights earlier this year. Identified by the installer as "Christmas Tree" Palms they have also been ID's as "Cat Palms (Chamaedorea cataractarum) by an on-line app, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to correct ID. Previously, a medium Bottle Palm occupied one spot, which I may have lost to Ganoderma. The palms themselves are planted in fairly sandy soil with a several year old 2" layer of garden soil covered with about 2" of cedar mulch (which has been removed from an area of about 16"around the palm bases). Obviously, if Ganoderma did indeed take out the Bottle Palm, I have a much larger issue on my hand. As for the present palms, the older fronds and spines seem to be the only ones demonstrating an infection. New spikes and younger fronds at the center look green and healthy. Any suggestions for treatment would be appreciated. Photos are attached.

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    It may be worthwhile to review information on cold damage and how it may relate to your situation: ENH-92/MG318: Cold Damage on Palms. Its description of damage is similar to yours but differ in the length of time before symptoms appear:
    You may want to look at other palms around the neighborhood to see if they have similar symptoms. Do those that are in sheltered locations show damage or just ones that are exposed?

    Information on Christmas Palm: ENH-815/ST658: Adonidia merrillii: Christmas Palm.
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