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  1. How do you make these plants become flowers? I have 7 babies (plants) from one original plant and can't make it to bloom in colors. Help!
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    To encourage flowering in Bromeliads, it is important to replicate their natural environment which is in the tropical rainforest among the trees and forest floor. High temperatures (above 75 F) may be necessary to promote flowering in the large leaved varieties, but average warmth should be minimum 50 F. Light should be bright but not direct sunlight. Avoid overwatering and ensure very good drainage. Water into the central rosette rather than in the soil, and water the soil only when it dries out. Mist the leaves in the summer. Your plants may not be mature enough to flower, some varieties may take several years to produce the flowered bracts.
    Good luck!
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    You don't say how long you have had the parent plant, but from this site:

    So, it sounds like your parent plant already bloomed and now you will have to wait for the pups to get large enough to bloom.


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