Identification: Bought an “unknown”, please help!

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Jmcleveland, Jul 18, 2021.

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    Hi everyone, thank you for all the helpful discussions and photos as I have started to plant Japanese maples here in Ohio. I bought a tree labeled as Unknown, and was hoping someone could identify it. Photos are attached (plus one with my dog who laid down in front while I was taking pictures!). The tree is bushy and has a gold sheen to it that isn’t captured in the photos so well, similar but maybe with a bit more green than Ogon Sarasa and Iijima Sunago. Thank you for looking!

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    Not very many replies, eh ?

    That's probably because it's very hard to tell one cultivar from another but I'd say it's a form of Acer amoenum, or Acer amoenum var. matsumurae. Have a look at this page : Species discernment of Japanese maples

    Unless you planted it too deep, there is no sign it's grafted. So it can be a specimen of a plain species from seed (or cutting), or a hybrid (from seed).
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    It actually reminds me of that group of maples that are crosses between Acer amoenum (or A. amoenum var. matsumurae) and A. shirasawanum. Not sure which one is closest but cultivars like 'Mirte' and 'Yasemin', even 'Green Trompenburg'. Mostly these have been selected in Holland and in Oregon but I also think some of the older Japanese selections may be undocumented similar crosses
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    The tree has got a nice upper half shape, and will likely look stunning in autumn! Hopefully you'll be posting pictures then :)
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