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    I have been reading a lot more about the actual botany of plant and have some questions:

    Are the carpel and gynoecium used interchangeably (basically the same thing correct?) Which is Stigma, Style, Ovary correct?

    Is this also the Pistil? If not what am I missing from it?

    Also I am having trouble defining the difference between Gymnosperm and Angiosperms?

    I know Angiosperms are flowering plants and Gymnosperm are conifers but that is really it any differences or similarities would be appreciated.

    A conifers flower is it's cone whether male or female correct?

    Thank you for helping me clear this up.
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    Angiosperms have flowers, and seed embryos which are enclosed entirely within an ovary at pollination.

    Gymnosperms don't have flowers, just strobili (cones), and seed embryos which are naked (i.e. open to the air; the name from Greek, gymnos) at pollination. After pollination, the cone scales develop to enclose the seeds.

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