'Botanical Sexism': Allergy agent?

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    'Botanical sexism' is a term coined by horticultural expert Thomas Leo Ogren.

    Ogren coined the term botanical sexism to describe a trend seen over the last few decades in which landscapers and urban growers increasingly plant male plants, instead of more 'messy' female plants that shed seeds, fruits, or pods.

    ‘The problem is that while these trees and plants are “litter-free,” they all produce abundant allergenic pollen,' he wrote of male trees.

    And, as they get bigger each year, they release more pollen.

    'Almost all urban allergies now come directly from the planted landscape — they are homegrown,' he claimed.

    To fight the issue, Orgren
    [sic] has been urging landscapers and local growers to use more female trees.

    TikTok video blaming 'botanical sexism' for worsening allergies goes viral | Daily Mail Online

    Guest blog from Scientific American:
    Botanical Sexism Cultivates Home-Grown Allergies

    Reviewed books:
    Books by Thomas Leo Ogren (Author of Allergy-free Gardening)

    About the author:
    Thomas Leo Ogren | Penguin Random House

    Horticulture, or hoopla?
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