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    Hi, I'm currently engaged in the study of historic agricultural law (primarily the roman era). I'm not a botanist and anything dealing with the anatomical structure of plants leaves me very confused - even regarding those plants that I am familiar with - I simply don't posses a proper understanding of their form and structure. Can someone suggest a book that contains illustrations of the commonly cultivated plants (fruits and vegetables) and shows the structure of the plant above and below ground, the form of the seeds or fruit, and the stages of growth.
    I've spent a long time searching, but I'm not quite sure what such a book would be called or if it exists. (the books I've found so far deal more the cellular structure and morphology at a far deeper level than I need - I just would like to know what the plant look like.) Ideally the book would contain illustrations not photos.
    Thanks for any advice.
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    Interesting! Well, I can't recall one off the top of my head, and we're being asked to work from home so I don't have access to the library at the moment.

    I'm going to put this into the Fruit and Vegetable Gardening section to see if someone there has a suggestion.
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    "plants of ancient rome"

    plants of ancient rome - Bing

    When I entered the above phrase "drawings of ancient plants" was also automatically suggested
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    I own this book and am wowed by it:
    Details: Botanicum by Katie Scott

    Mine is the dark-cover UK edition---my local library has the white-cover (US) one :
    Botanicum - Columbus Metropolitan Library

    Every page is stunning. Do, if you can*, take a look at it in person---online glimpses do not do it justice!

    Welcome to the Forum, ms234, and good luck with your studies!

    *Library system here closed till next month, at least...perhaps yours remains open and owns a copy.
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