Blue Star Juniper trees

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    Last year I was given 2 trees that look like Blue Star Juniper. They are approximately 3 ft. tall and have like a big ball on top. I also just recently bought a smaller one that has like 3 or 4 balls on the branches. Anyway, the bigger first 2 that I planted last year have big brown spots in it. I trimed the brown patches out last year and recently a little more. It seemed to be doing OK but now I am getting more big brown dry patches. I don't know if they are getting too much water or not enough sunlight. They are very different looking and I would hate to loose them. Also, it was a harsh winter last year and lost some plants during that cold spell. I don't know if this is contributing ot how the plants are acting now.

    On a good note I have planted a few Japanese Maples and a regular Maple that seem to be doing quite well.
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    Start by surfing for "juniper blight".

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