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    Fraser, MI USA
    I have 3 blue spruce trees approx. 4 ft. tall. They look good on the top, but some of the bottom braches are turning brown and the needles are falling off. What can I do to save them?
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    MI, USA
    Have they been watered well? Sounds like they need water.
    spruces don't like to dry out.
    I live in the thumb of Michigan and we did not get alot of water this summer.
    So, I make sure to water my young spruces well. One good watering every week. 2 hours at a time with a sprinkler. (It takes a long time to water my yard)
    Let the spinkler go on it for a couple of hours. It will take a while for the spruce to recover.
    Maybe a year or two. Just make sure to water it from now on. Unless we get some good rain.

    I put a winter picture of some of my spruces. Large blue spruce and the smaller one to the right of the picture.

    Good luck with your spruce! I hope it recovers.

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