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  1. We have recently bought a home that has two 30+ feet high Blue Spruce trees in the front yard. I am wondering how tall these trees will grow and if it is safe to allow them to remain this tall in our front yard. We live in Edmonton and have just experienced some pretty severe weather and the trees are doing well so I can imagine it is o.k. to leave them this size. Also, is it o.k. to trim the branches up about 7-10 feet? If yes, when is the best season to do this and is there a special technique that you would recommend using for this procedure? Thanks, in advance, for any help that you can give me!! Marcy
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    for specific advice from a local expert try here first:

    otherwise, the trees will generally grow to 60 to 80 feet given enough time. Be wary of pruning too high from the base upward and "lion tailing" your trees which makes them much more susceptible to wind damage (trunk failure) due to the wind sail effect and changed fulcrum or hinge point created by the pruning. The more area that is hit by the wind the better the wind load is spread over the trunk reducing single point overload which is when you find the tree laying horizontally somewhere near its original location. :)

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