Blue Passiflora

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  1. Hi,

    I am (trying!!) to hone my skills as a botanical artist and am looking for photos of Blue Passiflora - can anyone point me towards any good resources on the web?

    Due to the really cold wet summer we are having in the UK my own plant in my garden here is very slow this year so I need some additional pictures.

    Any ideas gratefully received

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    Victoria Australia [cool temperate]
  3. Thanks - I will have a look

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    botanical artists ? Re: Blue Passiflora

    Re: Honing your skills as a botanical artist:
    Botanical Art & Naturalist Illustration. Join an international forum for artists, photographers, fanciers, directors, dabblers, doodlers, illustrators, collectors, calligraphers, crafters, naturalists, gardeners, botanists, scientists, growers, explorers, directors, writers, journalers, educators, birders, shopkeepers, curators, printers, historians, enthusiasts...the curious [whew].
    Dedicated to the realistic portrayal of plants, flowers and natural science subjects.

    Someone there just posted photos of her passion flower to the forum...she didnt know what it was. Everyone shares images there so if you join the forum Sue be sure to ask for those.

    Cynthia Padilla, Editor Sketching & Drawing. Garden & Hearth:
  5. Thank you for that. I will join although I am sure I have much to learn and my standard is not great.


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