Blue Mason Bees

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  1. Do you have any information on these early pollenators? They seem hard and expensive to procure, so I thought I would build a nest block and see what I can attract. Any suggestions?
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    Mason Bees

    There is a wealth of information on mason bees in the web site, in the "Questions, Answers, Observations" section.
    Dr. Dogteron's book: Pollination with Mason Bees: a Gardner's Guide to Managing Mason Bees for Fruit Production, is available at the Shop in the Garden for $12.95.
    There are also several workshops coming up -- on at Garden Works in North Vanbcouver Apr. 20 at 11:00. See the beediverse web site for more information.
  4. I have bees and condos for sale. A cleanable condo with 30 holes: $25.00. A box with 50+ bees $25.00, includes an instruction sheet.

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