Bloodgood Maples - hardiness zones??

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Barb W, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Barb W

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    Zn 5, Cape Breton, Canada
    A local nurseryman has several "Bloodgood Japanese Maples", and I am interested in purchasing one. I am a zone 5-5a. However the wholesaler of the maples states that they are two zones above (warmer) than ours and would not be guaranteed. What is the correct zone for these?? I would like to have one - but would not like to have it die. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hi barb w-----the website may be of help to you. i just looked up bloodgood there and found the info i needed sherry
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    Edelstein, IL
    I am in zone 5-5b and there are tons of them growing in our area, some rather large. I think you could reliably say they will grow in zone 5. Even in a bad winter, they may get some damage, but still survive.
    Kay Dye Central Illinois
  4. Ric


    I have one in zone 7, but in a container on a 7th floor balconey. I get a lot of winter winds so high off the ground. If you plant it more protected, and close a thermal mass like a building, it may be ok.

    The only wierd thing about mine is that the leave are plain green. Sometimes new ones start red, but change to plain green shortly; not even a tinge of red. I can only imagine how many passers by think I am growing pot on my balconey.
  5. Layne Uyeno

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Ha! That's what I think about my neighbors too! :-) From the ground you can see my Bloodgood just peeking over the short stucco balcony wall. Thankfully it's red.

    Truth be told Ric you may not have a true Bloodgood...many of us probably don't. If you read past posts you'll see why. Also, your tree may not be getting enough sun to keep it's red color. It's also late in the season where most if not all of the first growth leaves have bronzed.


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