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  1. We bought our Black Locust tree at a Nursery few weeks ago. It’s about 7’ tall and is planted at the front of the house. Now only 3 branches on one side of the tree have little leaves, and all other branches seem to be dead (they are dry). I called the Nursery and they said that the warranty is only for a dead tree. Will it all grow back later on that side? It looks quite ugly now.
    Also, I found a few leaves which looked diseased to me. It’s like they are glued together. I had removed them. But what could it be?

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    Just for the record, I have seen that it is fairly common for branch and twig dieback in the nursery (locally anyways) for Robinia species. If the nursery wont warranty the plant as it is not dead, I would ask them if they see this damage as common and if they do what is their method of care to reduce or eliminate it. I would suggest you properly prune the damaged branches and watch the tree grow vigorously over the next couple of months. If you are not sure of how to prune properly, call someone who can do it for you. Try here for a capable person :
  3. Thank you Paul for your response. Now as you have mentioned that it’s common for a branch to die back for Locust tree, I see it often on some of the trees planted along the street. We’ll give this tree a couple more weeks to see if it gets better or there is any new growth from that side of the tree (as suggested by nursery personnel).


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