Bioregenerative Life Support

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    I couldn't figure out which sub-forum this thread belongs to, so I posted here.

    I'm an architecture student from Punjab University (Pakistan) currently working on my final year architecture thesis, the topic of which is "Architecture in Extreme Environmental Conditions".

    I need some help regarding the design of a controlled ecological life support system (CELSS) for a lunar settlement of approximately 150 people.

    Assuming that air pressurization and temperature are controlled, I need some pointers in figuring out how the entire ecological system will work, which plants and how many I'd need, how oxygen and carbondioxide will be recycled, how waste will be processed and how much total area will be required for this controlled ecological system to work efficiently.

    Essentially, I'm concerned with the quantitative aspects of the CELSS for 150 people, which I can use in my design process.

    Any help/useful links etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are a number of researchers who have worked on this topic. I don't know how to find most of their published papers, but here is some contact information that might be useful:

    Ray Wheeler, A research lead at Kennedy Space Center, expert in space-based plant growth experiments

    Dr. Gene A. Giacomelli, Professor of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering, and Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, University of Arizona

    Cary A. Mitchell, Directed a NASA center at Purdue University to develop ecosystems and technologies to create and maintain self-sufficient colonies on the moon and on Mars. Research focuses on optimizing food crop production for controlled ecological life-support systems in extraterrestrial habitats.

    S. Suzanne Nielsen, Was a member of the research team for Purdue's NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training in Bioregenerative Life Support.

    Also, here's a link to a bunch of citations for research papers about Biosphere 2, the most famous Bioregenerative Life Support experiment ever:

    And there's a journal called Life Support & Biosphere Science, which is no longer being published, but you might be able to get articles from it somehow.

    Good luck!

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