Big Leaf Blooms

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    The nice thing about big leaf Rhodos is the grandeur of the plants and the frustrating thing is that they are often slow growing, and very slow to bloom, and when they do reach blooming size they bloom in a desultory fashion, missing a year or two and then blooming lavishly the next year.

    Here are a couple that are blooming for me this year.

    1 - R. Kesangiae - now around 2.5 m high, I have had this plant (sourced from the RSF) since 2001 and with some misgivings I moved it when we changed houses three years ago. It has settled in well, and has bloomed from time to time by never as well or abundantly as this year.


    R. magnificum - from ARS seed stock (so you are never truly sure it is the pure species but this one looks consistent) in the garden for 15 years and blooming for the first time this year.


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