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    Hi, I'm considering planting Lavender around my outdoor riding arena in South Langley and would like to figure out the best type of Lavender for the growing conditions and for cultivation.
    Ideally I would expand on the planting ( if it's successful ) in other areas and start to harvest it for use on the farm and for sales.
    Is there somewhere I can consult with? I am very inexperienced with growing anything.
    Thank you in advance !
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    English lavender is the hardiest. Out in Langley you have harder winters than we do closer to the coast. Under no circumstances consider Spanish lavender (the one with the bunny ears), because it won’t survive: it’s only a 50:50 proposition even in my sheltered south-facing Vancouver yard. Lavender varieties to try might be Munstead or Hidcote.

    In all cases, make sure your drainage is very very good in the winter, and do not fertilize the plants as you might be tempted to do. You will get better lavender if they’re a little starved.
    Good luck!
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    From what I understand to be horse riding ring dimensions - from dressage to jumping -- you're looking at a LOT of plants at ___ dollars per plant.

    which is fine for limitless budget - but if not - I have a few thoughts -
    a. buy several types such as the names already suggested - above by Keke
    b. go and visit other places and find out what is growing well in similar situation (Tuscan Farm Gardens was originally in Langley south of the freeway I think)
    c. I see Keke has stated not too much fertilizer - so wouldn't a horse ring kick up some mulch from the ring material (sawdust?) and obvious animal manure?
    d. would I really want to buy dusty lavender? I don't mean to be rude however, isn't dust a reality next to an animal exercise area? And if you do use that commercial horse ring dust suppressant product (is it calcium chloride?) --- will it "burn" your lavender plants?
    e. if I was embarking on this venture - maybe I'd have several types avail for customers - are there diff seasons and scents and so forth?
    f. maybe go and buy a few diff types and plant them and see what does best for you - then you know before investing a lot of money and time and water restriction on this project - not to mention the ground preparation and drip irrigation installation you will likely require
    g. remember that out in the Valley you get some colder winter climate than coastal areas of Vanc
    h. the bonus is you have nice flat land and lots of sunshine!
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