Beauties in UBC garden

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    Some cacti-Austrocactus spiniflorus, Gymnocalycium baldianum, Opuntia 'Colorado red', Escobaria vivipara
    Austrocactus spiniflorus-.JPG Gymnocalycium baldianum,  spider-cactus, dwarf chin cactus.JPG Opuntia 'Colorado red'.JPG DSCN6180.JPG
    Finally, I could see Aloe aristata in bloom!
    Aloe aristata, Lace aloe.JPG
    This is my favourite of yesterday - Biarum tenuifolium subsp. zeleborii, Araceae. Flowers! Leaves would be green and in fall
    Biarum tenuifolium subsp. zeleborii, Araceae.JPG
    and last ones -two rare beautiful primulas-Primula capitata, Primula anisodora
    Primula capitata.JPG Primula anisodora.JPG

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