Bearded Iris

Discussion in 'Plants: Identification' started by michelled, Nov 4, 2007.

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    My neighbour planted this iris in her garden this past summer, but alas did not keep the package the bulbs came in and so cannot remember the species name. It is similar to Dime a Dance except note the spotted standards. She can only limit the search by the store purchased at, namely either Costco or Home Depot. If anyone has an idea what species this is, or any other info on this iris, that would be greatly appreciated.


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    There are thousands of kinds of these, however if Home Despot has the same variety in again this fall maybe you can get the name that way. Just keep in mind that with so many kinds lookalike ones may not be the same exact one at all. The first one you see a picture of that looks similar may not be what you are trying to name, there may be a hundred that look like it.

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