Identification: Badhamia rugulosa?

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    I'm thinking the large mass of yellow is the Many-headed Slime mould...I had walked by this spot only a couple hours prior to this photo and it was only about the size of a softball. Less then 3 hours later? It had covered this entire tree root system!
    The only name I'm finding to the white 'balls' is White Slime Mould. However? I also found it orange and yellow? Are these possible stages or........?
    UPDATE:The orange drippy stuff I've NO idea. I was given the name 'Deer vomit'...not DOG vomit....but then the name Badhamia rugulosa was given. It was pink to bright orange to deep yellow. VERY moist with what looked like water dripping from it. All the specimins of this that I've found were dripping off the ends of severed wild grape vines. Since the areas that I was finding these I don't believe the vines were actually CUT? But...maybe broken or something? This stuff was found in early spring and not again since. ANY ideas on this stuff?
    All found in Kansas...NE corner of the state.
    Isn't slime just amazing?

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