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    I happened to come across a new show on Bravo called Backyard Envy.
    Backyard Envy

    The show has great design / build / install / plant information while being interesting and entertaining. They focus on residential backyard transformation showing the process from start to finish. I think it is great for students, diy'ers, designers, or anyone interested in seeing backyard renovation ideas. The show addresses real world problem solving and deals with realistic budget management. How unforseen problems can be resolved by changes in design or reallocating some of the budget to fix the problem. And how such problems can be addressed with the client to keep the job running smoothly and on time. The show demonstrates how good design can totally change the look, feel, and use of a space.

    I am late to the party as 8 episodes have already aired on cable, but they are currently available on demand. New episodes air Thursday.

    I wanted to share in hopes that a show like this can be successful. In my opinion the North American market is lacking when compared to the UK when it comes to gardening shows. It's not cheesey and the plants / designs are very current. Show your support by checking it out! I hope this will open up more opportunities for prime time garden / horticulture shows. It also helps plant the seed for the future to keep the industry going strong!

    I am in no way affiliated with this show. I just found it much better than most shows available at the moment especially in North America. I find a good show is hard to find. I wanted to share with you my new finding in hopes that more people can enjoy the show and invest in a beautiful garden. It's also great to bring the next generation of gardeners out of the house and into horticulture through a show that is entertaining and creative.

    Clips and photos are available on their website to the public:
    Backyard Envy

    I hope you enjoy!
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