Baby Sequoia doesn't look well

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    Hello everybody, last summer (july 2017) we bought a Baby Sequoia (Jonsteen company) in our holidays in the USA. Back in Germany we planted it in a flower pot. We kept it inside in front of a window. In autumn it started to look not so well. The needles looked dry and thin and started to change their color into brown. So, we put it outside in winter. But the color change increased. It's over zero degrees outside. We water it two times a week. What can I do to make it look better again?

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    Hope you won't think I sound like a killjoy here - but it is illegal to bring live plants like this from North America into Europe; and with good reason, because of the risk of accidentally importing dangerous plant diseases with the plant.

    So I'd very strongly advise destroying this plant, before it has any chance of passing on whatever disease it has to anything else. Incinerate at high temperature is the best.

    The species is easily obtainable from nurseries in Europe, so it will not be difficult to replace.

    Sorry to sound so unhelpful about it, but this really is important.
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    I would not worry too much about infesting Europe with some new north american plant disease.
    We've had many come over this way from Europe over the years.
    But I would go ahead and plant it outside, rather than keep it in a pot in the house. It will probably do much better in the ground, and should be quite hardy in Germany.

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