Rhododendrons: AZALEAS -- Encore variety

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    Victoria [Saanich, actually, northeast of Victoria
    I see some Encore multi-season blooming azaleas are arriving at my local nursery, for the post-Christmas build-up of products...

    Anyone had any experience with these? Fairly mild-temperature in winter plants apparently but the website pertaining to Encore Azaleas, http://www.encoreazalea.com/encore/, has a section on Pacific Northwest growing...

    If I tried them I would want to grow them in the Victoria/Saanich area, fairly cool zone 7, we are higher elevation than Victoria... I don't have quite the stated perfect conditions for them, coolish sunny mornings, shady afternoons called for by the grower, as my prime garden area is shady in the mornings, hot and sunny in the afternoons to sunset, unless planted behind some larger shade-providing shrubs...
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