Rhododendrons: azaleas and mushrrom manure(? compost)

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  1. i live in region 5b
    will be planting northern lites azalea
    while reading found out about spreading the roots of potted plants to prevent pot bound effect but also noticed a caution about mushroom manure/is this the mushroom compost left over after harvesting mushrooms/continental mushrooms web site say it is pasteurized and disease free before it is blended with peat moss and topsoil to make a triple mix

    i am concerned because i dug out a large amount of clay(pure mud) to augument the soil with triple mix and now wonder if this may be dangerous to my plant
    what is the story about mushroom manure?compost
    does it harbor disease or is it some other problem

    also how can you tell me how to protect rhododendrum buds during the winter here-they seem more sensitive than azalea buds

    thank you
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    mushroom compost

    hi, I have found over here that the mushroom producers add lime to there growing medium so although spent mushroom compost is generallly a good soil conditioner, it is not good for acid loving plants due to its alkalinity , I hope this is of some use to you.
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    That is also my understanding i.e. that mushroom compost is alkaline and therefore unsuitable for rhoddies or azaleas
    You could always test the stuff you have before you add it to your mix?

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