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    This avocado was started June 2014. 1 years growth yielded approx. 16" and plenty of new growth. This particular specimen went through a lot of growing pains over the winter, including leaf spotting and browning and my cat literally eating the remaining healthy leaves off before spring arrived. I didn't give up on it. What remained was still supple, green and healthy. After the last threat of frost here in Ohio, I put it under the shade of a large maple as it is too young and green to absorb direct sunlight.

    After the nut was completely drained of nutrients (as you can see the dried up husk), I noticed some barky secondary growth around the base, about the width of my thumb.

    The bark is a new development to me and I wonder if I will see regular progress over the years as the bark begins to develop further up the trunk.

    Anyone seeing regular bark growth in their avocados, please tell what you observed.

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