Appreciation: Autumnalis Rosea in Philadelphia - attractive young trees in full bloom

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by wcutler, Dec 13, 2015.

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    Thanks to Brett Krasnov (a facebook friend of facebook friend and cherry scout Laura Blumenthal), who posted these 'Autumnalis Rosea' photos from an almost-downtown street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These trees are much nicer-looking than ones of this cultivar that we see here. I'm guessing that they're bottom-grafted. And they're covered with flowers, really a nice splash of colour. It makes me understand why they ever got popular.
    AutumnalisRosea_20thBrandywine-Philadelphia_20151212_BrettKrasnov_PhillyCherry1.jpg AutumnalisRosea_20thBrandywine-Philadelphia_20151212_BrettKrasnov_PhillyCherry3.jpg

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