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  1. hi
    i live in sydney australia, and have a magnolia liliflora nigra (soulangeana nigra) which is flowering now, it is summer here at the moment, but we have had a few cool days and nights. Someone told me it was the first sign of the tree dying, could this be true or is it just the silly weather we have at the moment???
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    Most all forms of Magnolia liliflora and hybrids
    thereof can have some Summer blooms also. When
    the tree is setting floral buds for next year or have
    some floral buds already in bud some of them will
    go ahead and develop onward and open up.

    The Summer flowers will be smaller in size than the
    Spring blooms will be and the blooms will not last
    as long either. It is a rather common occurrence here
    where I am and with certain forms like the "girl series"
    such as 'Susan', 'Ann' and 'Betty' happens for us all of
    the time, almost every Summer. Summer blooms
    can also be seen with the Liliflora hybrid 'Royal
    Crown and almost all selected forms of Liliflora
    including ‘Gracilis’, ‘Nigra’, ‘O'Neill’ and Mr. Toichi
    Domoto's 'Little Lily'.

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    Dying? Sounds like you have some silly statements occurring there at the moment, as well as silly weather.

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