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    Hi. I think I asked another question about this plant. I have it for +-4 years now. In summer it's elevated at +-1m above the ground un the shade under another tree and only gets morning shaded sun and gets like 4-6 leaves every year. It barely grows in hight but a bit by the trunk.
    In the winter I took it in but I can't find the right spot for it.
    Last winter it lost ALL its leaves in the basement room cool by an east window.
    Not I took it in upstairs on a mantle away from direct sunlight about 1.25cm above the ground
    We do NOT have floor space for it and we have two cats that are only waiting to play with it
    Again it starts losing leaves one nearly every wee. They just bend over and dies one by one.
    BUT there is a new one growing.
    I water it everyday trunk and pot and mist it from the top and bottom yet the leaves curl up and dry.
    I can't use a humidifier I have COPD and humid winter and cold is bad for my lungs.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Does it have to be indoors? A quick scan of the web suggests Sphaeropteris cooperi is suitable for zone 8. If that is on the borderline, then perhaps extra protection from cold and frost would allow it to remain outside. If that is not an option, do you have a large enough bathroom with sufficient lighting? I'm thinking it might be happier there with cooler temperatures and higher humidity. Of course it would make it trickier to navigate the bathroom but if you can put up with it then...
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    Your amount of light seems waaay too low. How about trying to get it closer to a window, plus add supplemental lighting from a couple 100 w equivalent LED bulbs on nice indoor floor lamp?
    For the humidity, if you can't add any, then your coolest room is also your most humid, like a rarely used bedroom or office. Do you perhaps have room in the garage to overwinter it under a couple of cheap shop lights?

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