Atlas Grove & Illuvatar for real, no conspiracy

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    Round #2 ...

    After even more research, and more exploring, I finally located Atlas Grove (read The Wild Trees?). That's the grove that Iluvatar is in.

    It's about as cool looking as the description in the book, or the online article.

    Due to it's unique appearance, I only uploaded an image of part of the trunk to my Redwood Titans page (my signature line link).

    While researching for these trees - Atlas Grove and the Grove of Titans - it crossed my mind that there may be some doubters about the existence of these trees, since the locations are not disclosed, no maps provided, and most of the forest floor view images have been rather small.

    Can you imagine !! A group of researchers presenting make-believe trees to promote funds to support their tree climbing hobby - LOL. Maybe they are very adept with Photoshop.

    Anyhow, the groves and trees are very real.

    Iluvatar is the largest in Atlas Grove, but the whole grove is very interesting. Almost every tree differs in shape and form.

    If you click the link below to see the page if you haven't before, I added a link to a photographer's photo of a climber in a redwood, suspended above a massive fern mat that is one of the largest knows to exist. It dwarfs the climber. The tree is Poseidon, and the fern garden is referred to as the heart of Poseidon. A link to Sillett's site is included too. I'm tailoring that page for people to see and reach the most amount of photos in the shortest amount of time.

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