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Discussion in 'Fruit and Vegetable Gardening' started by kmzmc, Aug 22, 2004.

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    I have had asparagus growing in my garden for a number of years, but this year it has really taken off.

    I have not had time to enjoy eating my spears, so I let them all develop fern.
    I have many plants now that no longer carry the red seeds and I am hoping to cut the spears at the soil to start making early adjustments to my garden.

    Please let me know if it will be ok to do this. Thanks! :)
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    Hi Kmzmc:

    If all of your Asparagus have headed out and are not
    producing any seeds you may want for reseeding,
    then I would go ahead and cut the spikes off at the
    soil line.

    Once you do that, give your Asparagus a 0-10-10
    fertilizer and water them well if the fertilizer is
    a granular fertilizer. I always had some liquid
    0-10-10 around and applied it soon after I cut the
    spears. Where you are do not use any Nitrogen
    until the Spring. You must realize that every time
    you let an Asparagus head out you are depleting
    nutrients in the crown. We always planted our
    crowns just above the soil level so we would
    know exactly where they were when cutting the
    spears to eliminate cutting into the crowns.


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