Identification: Asian Pear Serious Problem - Help Please!

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    Hey there. First time poster here, and new to fruit trees.

    I moved into my new place last summer and there is an asian pear (multi graft) tree here. It appears well past the age that it should be bearing fruit, but it had none last year. The previous resident said it never fruits, assuming it wasn't old enough, which seems obviously not the case to me. This is especially true as this year there were tons of blossoms on all three cultivars (even though one of them is teeny tiny). After the blossoms opened and some of them started wilting, all of a sudden (well, maybe over a couple of weeks while I didn't check on them) they were all completely destroyed, along with the vast majority of the leaves that had already grown. The blossoms had turned charred black and crispy, and the as well. As you can see in the photos, the leaves have many holes in them, which I would guess were bugs but for the what appear to be singed edges of all the holes. It almost looks likes the holes were burnt into the leaves - there is the one photo that shows a spot that appears to be the early stage of the burnt-like holes. The foliage seems to have fully recovered and the tree looks totally healthy at the moment, but there is no fruit set (obviously - well, there are, like, two or three little fruits and they seem to be burnt/whatever it is from earlier). After google-ing the crap out of this, the best guess I can come up with is 'blossom blast'... but it doesn't quite fit, from the descriptions I've read.... none of the wood seems to be affected by whatever killed the blossoms and early leaves...

    Any help would be soooo appreciated - would love to figure it out so I can get some actual pears next year!

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