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  1. 6 months ago I moved into a house in Gilbert, AZ (suburb of Phoenix) that has five grape vines (I am not sure what kinds though) that are four years old. This last season we had a huge problem with the Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer that almost defoilated all of the vines. We sprayed them with Sevin and ended up getting some good new growth in September and November. They were quite overgrown though and we just pruned them back hard this last week.

    My question is can I transplant them? They are not ideally located in our yard and I would like to move them, but am not sure if they will survive a transplant in our climate given the pest damage they received this last season, but I would think now is the time to try it if they will. We receive flood irrigation about every two weeks, and our last chance of frost is usually early/mid February. This winter has been especially mild here. Is there anything I should do to prepare the soil and how should I time it to our watering schedule? Should I take any precautions for the summer ahead, as well?

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    Hello DPitts,

    I think the general concensus on the forums is that it is much easier to take cuttings to propagate the vines than move them. There are several threads on the forums about this. You might want to try using the search function (on the green bar at the top) to read through some of them.

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