Are Leucodendron (Cone Bush) plants toxic to dogs & people?

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    Does anyone know if Leucadendron plants-- aka Safari Sunset or similarly Safari Goldstrike or Safari Sunshine, which are a type of South African Cone Bush-- are poisonous or toxic to dogs and/or people?

    I know this plant is also a type of Evergreen bush & is in the Proteaceae family, but cannot find specific info as to whether or not it is toxic to dogs.

    I have spent hours searching various pet & garden & organizations. The website Dave's Garden mentions that this plant & all parts of the plant are toxic but does not explain what is the active toxin or toxic compound or ingredient. My assumption is that means the plant is toxic to humans. I could not find any other website or organization that even mentions or suggests this plant is toxic (to people or dogs).

    My dog recently experienced a terrible episode of toxic poisoning from a plant in my mother's garden. My dog did not eat the Brugmansia "Angel's Trumpet" plant, dog simply walked around area where plant leaves and pollen may have fallen on ground during rainstorm & most likely absorbed toxin through her paw pads.

    So now I am trying to get more info about plants In my neighborhood parks & determine what is safe to plant in my own yard. Don't want my dog to go through plant poisoning ever again. These Leucodendron plants & hybrid varieties are very popular in California. Even my next door neighbor is considering planting as well.

    Can anyone comment on the known toxicity, toxic compounds or toxic exposure symptoms of Leucodendron plants? Any information or help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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