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Discussion in 'Pacific Northwest Native Plants' started by Adrienne Pop, Jun 17, 2018.

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    Hi, I picked this arbutus/madrone sapling yesterday, i planted it in a one gallon pot and filled it with large pebbles, sand and a potting soil for saplings. are these spots from sun? if anyone else has one of these trees could they share their experience and any advice?

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    I would plant it in the ground sooner rather than later.
    Dig a small hole in a sunny or partly sunny spot where the soil has good drainage and put some rocks or lava rocks at the bottom then plant the tree very carefully making sure not to disturb the roots too much (they hate this). Water regularly for two years then basically leave the tree alone.
    In my experience they do not like living in pots for very long. I have three in my yard in Burnaby.

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