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  1. I have a beautiful Arbutus almost 20 feet tall. Unfortunately somebody backed their camper into the branches and snapped and shredded a major branch. I was devasted. What should I do with this sad torn limb. How can I minimize any stress. I have read lots of answers about root disturbances but can not see anything about branches. Thank you for your help.
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    Prune it off clean to the main stem that it has broken away from would be my solution. I have had the same thing happen with arbutus trees on Bowen Island and they seem none the worse for wear two years after pruning out the damage. In one case the branch was 3" in diameter but the tree still looks healthy.

    I have noticed that arbutus in the wild are susceptible to snow load breakage and wind damage which results in similar devstation, but trees still seem to survive, even thrive. They just look a little bent out of shape, which is part of their charm, I think...


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